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4 Courses


Municipal Media Office Training - Graphic Design Training

The graphic design training aims to provide an introduction and working practical knowledge of the concepts relevant to graphic design such as color theory, and elements. This training also provides practice and instructional knowledge on the use of Adobe Software (Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator).


Municipal Media Office Training - Microsoft Office Training

The Microsoft Office training provides an understanding of how to use Microsoft office software (Word- PowerPoint - Excel- etc) with special focus on the usage of Excel for administrative purposes.


Municipal Media Office Training - Photography & Videography Training

The Photography and Videography training focuses on providing the technical and artistic information needed for capturing both video and photos as well as the processing and editing necessary before the publication of any visual content.


Municipal Media Office Training - Gsuite,Social media & Media Office structure and Strategy Training

The Gsuite, Social Media, Media Office and strategy training provides knowledge on the practical uses of online programs suc as Google, Gmail, Google Forms, etc and how they can be utilized for the work of media office. It also provides a introduction to Media Office structure, job descriptions, duties, etc and the creation of a functional and active media strategy.